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Improve Community Amenities

Moline should be a city where people want to live, work, and play.  From our beautiful library to our parks and recreation programs, Sangeetha believes that city government has a responsibility to provide opportunities for all community members to access and enjoy what we have to offer. For too long the defunding of what makes life worth living in Moline has reduced opportunities and driven residents to seek them out in other communities or to miss out on them all together. Mismanaged staffing levels have reduced the city's ability to respond quickly to natural disasters such as the derecho of 2020.


Sangeetha and her girls on Father's Day, 2020.  Checking out the memorial block for her Dad, Jacob, at the library entrance.

The city should re-prioritize:

  • Affordable child and adult recreational programs 

  • High-quality library services for all ages

  • Marketing the active lifestyle possible from the banks of the Mississippi River, through our numerous parks, and all the way to the banks of the Rock River 

  • Right-sizing seasonal city staffing to provide needed services to residents.

Storm debris on 12th Ave. remains uncleared three weeks after the significant derecho event of August 9, 2020.

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