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What matters to Sangeetha?



Moline is at a crucial moment in its evolution as a strong, focused, and prosperous city.  The COVID-19 crisis has challenged our funding methods and exposed weaknesses in our approach to city management and governing. In order to fulfill the promise of Moline, we need to focus on People, Possibilities, and Progress. Sangeetha believes we need to:

Sangeetha prioritizes proper organizational structure and function so that progress can be made in the most efficient and respectful ways possible.  Governance patterns, communication patterns and policies that are up to date and fashioned from best practices in municipal governing will be a key part of her efforts to getting our city back on track.  


Sangeetha believes that if we focus on PEOPLE and what they need, and pursue intelligent and deliberate POSSIBILITIES for growth and advancement, we can overcome the obstacles in front of us and make PROGRESS. She is ready to restore trust in local government, lead positively with new ideas and new perspectives, and COLLABORATE to find the best solutions for city issues.

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