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Repair our Reputation as a City and Employer 

Dispatch-Argus headlines tell a story of mismanagement and distrust

A city with as much promise for success as Moline should not be plagued by employee resignations or release, nor should we function with a skeleton staff.  The mass exodus of staff we have seen is evidence that threats of outsourcing and micromanaging tactics do not work to attract or retain staff.  Retention of staff through proper organizational function is key, and it starts with leadership--elected officials who know their place and their role in the betterment of the city.  Sangeetha is committed to utilizing the organizational leadership skills she used to help the Moline-Coal Valley School Board effectively function to help the City Council improve how it functions.  

We are a city that shows promise for being a leader in the region, but we can't be held back by complications of our own creation.  Sangeetha will strive to repair relationships with key community partners to keep us an attractive place to do business and a great place to live.


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