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Prioritize Economic Development 

in an Era of Shrinking State and Federal Support

A sampling of empty businesses from downtown to the east side.  Some are old, some are new and waiting for investment in gateway neighborhoods, like the corner of 27th St and Avenue of the Cities.  

Restore and Revitalize

Our buildings and businesses need restoration and revitalization.  None of that is possible with a my-way-or-the-highway approach to city business. Sangeetha will work collaboratively with council members, city staff and community partners to make sure we have balanced benefits for all the agreements that need to be made to improve our economic outlook. Balancing incentives for businesses with what works for Moline is key to re-establishing goodwill with our business community and attracting investment.  Consistent, quality staffing in Community and Economic Development are also necessary. 

In addition to changing the manner in which do business, Sangeetha will:

  • maintain a working knowledge of trends in state and federal support for municipalities and push staff to creatively find solutions

  • work with professional staff in economic development to balance economic forecasts with our economic priorities

  • balance regional and local interests that make progress for everyone

  • plan ahead for shrinking opportunities for new development, whether residential or commercial.  We can address some issues through new, creative manufacturing ordinances to enable business innovation and community benefit plans.

  • explore having a Small Business Office dedicated to helping local entrepreneurs as well as  how to make more capital available to businesses in existence for at least two years.

We must become a city that is guided not by a "gotcha" but an "I-got-your-back"approach to business and a place where careful strategizing vs. knee-jerk responses to the issues we face is how we operate.

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